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Show at SESC SP

If you're lucky enough to be in São Paulo on the 6th of December, do not miss the opportunity to check out Bruno Morais Live with his gig "Contra a Vontade do Chão". Check some of what will be going down on the night here.  One of the tracks 'Insomnio y Palabreria' is a poem by Canek Guevara. Unmissable!

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Bruno Morais

Bruno Morais is a Brazilian singer, songwriter and producer who started his music career around a decade ago when he formed a band in his hometown Londrina, in the south Brazil state of Paraná, before moving to São Paulo. In 2004 he started working on his first album, "Volume Zero", which caught the attention of national and international media and merited an
invitation to participate in the Red Bull Music Academy in Seattle in 2005.

During his time in the USA Bruno met and collaborated with musicians and producers such as Leon Ware (Marvin Gaye, Ike & Tina Turner, Quincy Jones, Marcos Valle amongst others), Vitamin D (De La Soul, Blackalicious, etc), Toby Laing (Fat Freddy's Drop) and XXXChange (Spank Rock). In Brazil he has built lasting relationships with the new generation of talented musicians including Marcelo Jeneci, the trumpet player Guizado, Mauricio Fleury (fromBixiga 70 and Lucas Santtana) and Regis Damasceno from Cidadão Instigado, among many others.

Building on these collaborations, Bruno created the base for his headphone masterpiece album "A Vontade Superstar" ("The Superstar Will") released in 2009 in Brazil (on CD and vinyl) and now, for the first time, worldwide. Bruno’s distinct and unique vocals shine on the album and have been hypnotising audiences around Brazil.

Since the record’s release, Bruno has kept himself busy producing the wonderfully rich and mellow album “Taxi Imã” by his friend, singer and composer Pipo Pegoraro, besides also putting out a few of his own new tracks on two limited 45 rpm singles. 

Special concerts, such as tribute to the 1972 Erasmo Carlos classic album “Sonhos e Memórias” and an appearance singing 1930’s Brazilian songs for the Goma-Laca project, a cultural initiative to revive 78 rpm forgotten tracks, alongside artists such as Luisa Maita, Emicida and Juçara Marçal, have kept Bruno in great demand. Bruno recently performed with Flip Grater during her Brazilian tour and also participated in the Red Bull Music Academy world tour’s event Que Tal Panamerika? which brought together some of Latin America’s newest musical talent.

Bruno Morais has been singing, playing and recording in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, New York, Chicago, Seattle, Mexico, Portland - anywhere he can find interested and interesting people to work with. He is currently writing material for his new album.